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The allthisfuture core team

Remo Müller

Remo Müller

Dipl. Ing. ETH

Although Remo wanted to become an archaeologist and excavate the past when he was a child, today he prefers to shape the future. Driven by curiosity and motivated by the challenges of our time, he brings technical expertise to the Lab.

Christian Dick

Christian Dick

Lic. oec. HSG, FRM

Being a passionate observer and analyst, Christian finds inspiration in nature to shape growth, innovation and new business models in business ecosystems. As an experienced investment manager, he aligns vision and reality.

Fredi Surbeck

Fredi Surbeck

MA Industrial Design

Fredi is our creative backbone and a tough internal challenger. He ensures that the customer is never forgotten in the midst of business logic and process mechanics and can enjoy appealing products and services.

Our network partners

Thanks to our large network, we can call in external experts in a targeted manner.

Frederic Nachbauer

Frederic Nachbauer

Start-up Coach & Business Innovation Lover

Frederic is a serial entrepreneur and helps us as a startup coach not only to shape the big ideas, but also to develop go-to-market strategies. He brings great know-how in the electric automotive sector and sets high benchmarks for future businesses as an expert in blockchain technologies.


Daniel Vincenz

Daniel Vincenz

Managing owner at novaziun GmbH

Since 2011 Daniel is an electric motorist by conviction. Years of experience in the development and production of battery-powered construction machinery and special vehicles make him an expert in electric drives off the road.

The Innovation Board

The Innovation Board meets every 8 weeks and steers and monitors our experiments and activities.

Esther Denzler


Urs von Burg vom Innovation-Board

Urs von Burg

Head of Energy Management and Product Development at WWZ AG

Andrea Belliger vom Innovation-Board

Andrea Belliger

Professor, Scientist, Author, Speaker, Board Member

Walter Weiler vom Innovation-Board

Walter Weiler

Owner & Managing at Director Weiler Business Solutions

Andreas Bittig vom Innovation-Board

Andreas Bittig

Senior Digital Advisor
Owner & Managing Director Etonis AG, Expert Master Courses HSLU

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